National Plating's Over 70 Year History

National Plating Corp. is a metal finishing company that specializes in big volume barrel zinc plating and is the home of what is to our knowledge the most productive barrel plating line in the United States.  We have equipment and quality systems in place that make our plating more consistent then our competitors using conventional equipment.  We also specialize in rack plating parts with difficult to meet quality requirements due to the configuration of the part or just having quality criteria that standard rack plating lines have a hard time meeting.

Experts for over 70 years and based in Cleveland, Ohio, we also offer cleaning and pickle and oil along with rust preventative for parts such as metal stamping and fasteners due to our ability to also use our big barrel machines as very productive cleaning lines.

With the excellent quality systems we have in place you can be confident that your parts are being plated to spec with a level of consistency that is hard to find in the job shop plating industry.  Due to the mass production capabilities of our big barrel lines we are able to offer very Quick and consistent turn around times.

We have about 100,000 square feet of space to work with and have room to expand.  We are always interested in new opportunities to add a process capability to better service the area with any new process needs.

Presently servicing customers in a radius of approximately 450 miles around Cleveland, Ohio and gave serviced customers from as far as Los Angeles, California.

Ohio-Michigan-Pennsylvania-Indiana-New York-New Jersey